A lot of studies are proving that the secret to good and prolonged health is what the experts claim as “lifestyle medicine,” which makes changes in stress management, exercise, and diet that’s easy to follow. For that, we have listed this easy list of wellness and health recommendations. 

Focus on gratitude and always think positive 

Studies show that a healthy and positive outlook in life would help boost overall health and develop a healthier immune system. You have to focus more on the positive things because your body believes what you think.  

Eat your vegetables 

Every day, you have to aim for 5 servings of vegetables. It could be stir-fried, steamed, or even raw. A diet that’s more on vegetables is liked with a minimized risk of emerging cancers of the ovaries, pancreas, bladder, stomach, esophagus, cervix, breast, colon, and lung. Also, the most powerful phytonutrients are those vegetables that have bold colors like leafy greens, grapes, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, and broccoli. 

However, if you are not eating enough vegetables, you can opt to take some supplements, such as Carbon 60, to help sustain a healthy diet. 

Exercise every day 

Research shows that exercising on a daily basis could minimize all aging’s biomarkers. This includes improving bone density, lowering cholesterol, improving lean muscle, normalizing blood pressure, and improving eyesight. If you would like to live longer and live well you really need to exercise. It was also proven in studies that even a 10-minute exercise can make a difference. Hence, you need to do something and start now! Turn up the stereo and groove to the music in your living room. You can sign up for ballroom dancing or swing dance lessons, walk your dog to the park together with your kids or neighbors whom you would want to catch up with. Play hopscotch or jump rope. Play water volleyball. Spin hula hoop. Jump on a trampoline. Play water volleyball. Go for a hike. Those are only some of the things you can do to make yourself physically active and to make yourself ready to face a healthier lifestyle. 

Keep a good circle of friends 

You can do all the right things. However, having a personal relationship with individuals who have bad habits could be challenging since you could be influenced by them. The healthiest individuals are those who have personal relationships with other healthy individuals. Get your friends and family involved with you once you plan healthier meals or even when you take a walk. Creating healthy changes with the people you love could motivate you and bring you closer together as well. 

Have a good night’s sleep 

If you are having a hard time sleeping, attempt to do techniques that could help you relax such as yoga and meditation. Also, eating a small bedtime snack is proven to help shift the mind and body into sleep mode including chamomile team cherries, oatmeal, or whole-grain cereal with milk. Darken your room more to have a sounding sleep.